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Now you can maximize the efficiency and function of your home all in one home shopping experience with CustomMurphy Wall Beds

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Our company specializes in Murphy Wall beds that are custom designed to fit the needs of your home. CUSTOM MURPHY WALL BEDS combines style and function. They are a great way to utilize any space. From country cottages, to suburban houses, to downtown condos, everyone can use a little more space.

CUSTOM MURPHY WALL BEDS offers you endless possibilities to maximize every square foot in any space.  A guest room? Home office?  Play room?  A Murphy wall bed can transform your space allowing one room to serve many purposes.  By day, our Murphy wall bed system offer features like desks or shelving systems.  By night, they transform into quality, comfortable beds for your family or guests.

With so many different types of Murphy bed options on the market today we'd like to tell you why a CUSTOM MURPHY WALL BED is the best choice for your home and best value for your hard earned dollars. ​


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Meet the Owners that are dedicated to  building the perfect heirloom for your home... 

We are a family owned Murphy Bed Company serving Red River Valley, Grand Forks North Dakota and the surrounding areas

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Our beds offer you distinct benefits over other Murphy beds.  See what they are! 

  • Our beds are custom handcrafted by local builders 

  • All products are made in America

  • We use quality wood materials to build your bed

  • Our beds are built on a custom order basis

  • We offer many styles and options!

  • Our beds are simple, safe and offer lightweight operation

  • Expert, low impact installation is available

  • Stained or painted finish options available

  • Our beds use a conventional mattress  

  • Adds retail value to your home if you move or it can be taken with you.

Our Services Include:

  • Customized Murphy bed cabinets and frames that are built by hand selected craftsman.

  • Beds are offered in all sizes from Twin to Queen 

  • We offer FREE In-Home Consultations.  Call for details​

  • We come to you to measure & design! You never have to leave your home!  

  • Our beds are professionally designed and can be installed for an extra 10%. 

  • Our lead time for your custom order is between 6- to 8 weeks.

  •  Most Beds will take approx. 2 hours to install and the room will need to be cleared of all other furniture or obstacles. 

Custom Murphy Wall Beds.jpg

We also offer home offices  If you appreciate high quality craftsmanship which will last for generations, we have the furniture for you. 

Home office 38.jpg




Great attention is paid to the details of the product being built.

Each piece of wood is hand-selected to match the specific project. Attention is paid to the grain of the wood, to achieve the desired look of the finished piece.

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